Mechanical stabilization of existing facades
High-strength mechanical anchors fortify and stabilize existing brick facades against external forces. PROSOCO® Grip-Ties are an excellent solution to re-anchor a masonry or stone facade to metal or wood studs, structural steel, tile, block, concrete or brick.



The PROSOCO® Grip-Tie mechanical repair anchors include a dual-expansion anchor that establishes a mechanical connection by gripping the back-up and veneer and preparing them to be bridged with an anchor rod. The PROSOCO® Grip-Tie anchor does not draw walls together, thereby eliminating additional tension stresses between wythes of material. The anchors can be applied to brick, stone, or precast veneers with concrete, metal stud, wood stud, CMU (hollow or grouted), structural steel, or brick back-up structure. Made from corrosion-resistant materials to lengthen the façade’s design life, the PROSOCO® Grip-Tie anchorage system is easy to install with hand tools or power tools. Typically, the anchors are spaced at one tie per four square feet of veneer for masonry or concrete back-up. For metal or wood stud back-up, a 16-inch (horizontal) by 24-inch (vertical) is common spacing. Consult with local design and code professionals to establish spacing requirements and wind-load criteria for all scenarios.

No exposed hardware and no disturbing hammering activity.
Multiple lengths available for a variety of wall makeup conditions.
Easy post-installation quality control and testing.
Back-up connection can be sealed with the addition of a compatible sealant.