KEIM Spezial-Dilution

KEIM Spezial-Dilution is a thinner and primer or pretreatment comprising pure liquid potassium silicate with small quantities of other additives for KEIM silicate emulsion paints according to VOB/C DIN 18 363, 2.4.1.
• KEIM Spezial-Dilution is used as thinner/dilution for the following KEIM coating systems: KEIM Granital system, KEIM Quarzil system, KEIM Ecosil-ME system, KEIM Biosil system, KEIM Mycal-Top.
• KEIM Spezial-Dilution can also be used as a clear primer for dusting or highly absorbent mineral substrates to control or reduced adsorption.
• KEIM Spezial-Dilution is not suitable for surfaces with salt efflorescence, on wood and enamels without proper surface preparation.

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Weight 30 kg