KEIM Soldalit-Dilution

KEIM Soldalit-Dilution is a Sol-silicate thinner and primer based on the KEIM Sol-silicate technology used in the KEIM Soldalit product system.
• KEIM Soldalit-Fixativ is used as thinner/dilution for KEIM Soldalit and KEIM Soldalit-Grob.
• In combination of KEIM Contact-Plus with subsequent KEIM-Soldalit coatings, KEIM Contact-Plus can be diluted if necessary with KEIM Soldalit-Dilution.
• KEIM SoIdaIit-Dilution can be used as primer for highly absorbent substrates and for localized applications of repairs or touch-ups.
• KEIM Soldalit-Dilution is not suitable for surfaces with plasto-elastomeric coatings, saponifiable old paints (e.g. certain oil-based paints), non-wettable substrates (e.g. lacquers and varnishes), salt efflorescence, or on wood and enamels.

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Weight 30 kg