KEIM Silan-100

KEIM Silan-100 is a solvent-free, silane based water repellent to ZTV-ING OS-A or OS-1 and to DIN EN 1504-2/1.1, 2.1, 8.1.
• KEIM Silan-100 is used to provide a water-repellent finish on mineral building materials that does not impede vapour diffusion, it is ideal for concrete, masonry, and mortar in exterior applications.
• KEIM Silan-100 works especially well on structures that are exposed to freeze/thaw loads and also to protect reinforcing steel from chloride corrosion due to salt penetration.
• Apply as a stand-alone coat or a priming coat prior to subsequent applications of any KEIM coating system.
• KEIM Concretal-W, KEIM Concretal-Lasur, KEIM Granital, or any other KEIM coatings system will have additional water-proofing for exposure to severe weathering stress when applied in conjunction with KEIM Silan-100.
• KEIM Silan-100 when applied onto concrete or masonry as the sole water repellent finish complies with OS-A of ZTV-ING or OS 1 of Rili-SIB.
• KEIM Silan-100 is used as a primer in accordance with OS-B and OS-C of ZTV-ING or OS 2 and OS 4 of Rili-SIB together with KEIM Concretal-C.

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Weight 30 kg