KEIM Granital

KEIM Granital is a traditional water-repellent, ready-to-apply historic potassium silicate based exterior paint in accordance with VOB/C DIN 18 363 2.4.1 (Mineral silicate paint) with absolutely light-fast inorganic pigments and mineral fillers. It offers water repellency, high vapour permeability and forms a chemical bond with the mineral substrate.
• KEIM Granital is a 2?3 coat system that can be used for all mineral, absorbent surfaces.
• Due to its product characteristics, KEIM Granital is particularly suitable for traditional environments that typically have four seasons.
• Applications include old historic and new surfaces.
• Ideal absorbent surfaces include but are not limited to, brick, stucco, historic masonry, stone, lime plasters, mortars, CMU, GFRC, cement boards and renders.
• In combination with products from the KEIM Granital system a wide variety of application areas are possible.
• Exceptions not suitable for coating with KEIM Granital are resin based coatings, plasto-elastomeric coatings, saponifiable old paints (e.g. certain oil-based paints), non-wettable substrates (e.g. lacquers and varnishes).

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Weight 30 kg