KEIM Contact-Plus

KEIM Contact-Plus is a fiber-reinforced coarse textured silicate based priming/filling coat. Ideal for renovation work or new construction, containing glass fibers and high-grade fillers in balanced grain sizes and shapes (0.5 mm maximum grain size).
• KEIM Contact-Plus is used for filling cracks up to 0.5 mm in width and for equalizing differences in substrate texture.
• The perfect texture for hiding imperfections in low quality finishes on concrete.
• It can also be used when renovating or coating sound acrylic and silicone resin-based coatings, acrylic stucco, terracotta, brick, historic masonry and many other mineral substrates.
• Exceptions not suitable for coating with Contact-Plus are plasto-elastomeric coatings, saponifiable old paints (e.g. certain oil-based paints), non-wettable substrates (e.g. lacquers and varnishes).
• Optional water repellency can be added with a treatment of KEIM Silan-100 before the first coat of KEIM Contact-Plus.
• KEIM Contact-Plus is not a finish coat and can only be used as a base coat/primer; it must be over coated with 2 coats of a KEIM silicate finish.

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Weight 30 kg