KEIM Concretal-W-Grob

KEIM Concretal-W-Grob is a filled variant of KEIM Concretal-W for base coats. KEIM Concretal-W is a sol-silicate protective concrete paint as per DIN EN 1504-2/2.2.
• KEIM Concretal-W is used to protect concrete surfaces on exterior facades and interior concrete surfaces subjected to severe loads, e.g. in multi-story car parks, with a protective action providing protection from water and weathering by silicification and protection from chloride.
• Water protection may be further enhanced by providing the substrate with a hydrophobic treatment using KEIM Silangrund or KEIM Silan-100.
• The combination with KEIM Silan-100 provides “grade W protection” according to Rili-SIB (guidelines for the protection and renovation of concrete components published by the German committee on steel reinforced concrete (DAfStb).
• KEIM Concretal-W is not suitable for horizontal and slightly inclined surfaces exposed to weathering. KEIM Concretal-W-Grob is applied as a base coat or as a base and intermediate coat for equalizing differences in structure and filling hairline cracks.

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Weight 30 kg