Estwing® Brick Hammer 20 oz

Our selection of Brick Hammers come in various sizes and are designed to help you break, trim, and clean the edges of bricks for any masonry project. You have the option to pick between four brands to suit your preference: MARSHALLTOWN, Estwing®, Plumb®, or our contractor-grade QLT. Handle and hammer material depend on your choice of brand. All Estwing® brand and MARSHALLTOWN Brick Hammers are Made in the USA with Global Materials.

  • Effortlessly break, trim, and clean bricks for any Masonry project
  • Choose your preferred brand, hammer design, and size
  • MARSHALLTOWN and Estwing® brand Brick Hammers are Made in the USA with Global Materials
  • WARNING: Always wear safety goggles when using this tool
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  • Brand: Estwing®
  • Design: Single Piece of Forged Steel w/ Cushion Grip
  • Length: 11 in (279 mm)
  • Weight: 20

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