Aquareactive polyurethane injection resin, for strong seals along construction joints and concrete cracks

CHEMFLEX PW is an aquareactive, low-viscosity, hydrophobic, prepolymer polyurethane injection resin with isocyanates (MDI). It is non toxic, solvent-free and reacts with water to form a permanent blockage that is both flexible and hydrophobic. CHEMFLEX PW is NSF-ANSI approved for use with tap water. With minimal shrink and a hydrophic reaction, CHEMFLEX P.W. is effective above and below ground.

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Solhydroc Inc. designs, manufactures and sells products used to repair, rehabilitate and protect concrete. The main objective is to supply materials and methods to meet and surpass the needs of the company’s clients and to propose long-term solutions that will ensure high-quality concrete.


Advanced Hydration Technology (THA) integrates calcium aluminate and Portland cement for fast setting, high strength, shrinkage compensating mortars. They rely on early hydration to minimize the residual moisture (at least 3%) that is usually found in mixtures made up of only normal Portland cement. With this technology, you can install several layers of flooring in 24 hours, allowing you move around on surfaces sooner, thus shortening the construction cycle for flooring applications. Formulations containing this technology are adapted for higher ultimate compressive strengths and provide greater durability.


Made 100% in Quebec and VOC-free, Solhydroc products contribute to LEED certifications for our customers. Plus, we use innovative manufacturing methods to reduce our ecological footprint. For more information, contact our representatives.

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